Edgar Lungu is a disgrace, says professor Hansungule

Edgar Lungu is a disgrace, says professor Hansungule


Edgar Lungu  is a disgrace, says  Professor Michelo Hansungule.

In an interview, Prof. Hansungule said corrupt thief Edgar Lungu should be ashamed that he was presiding over a corrupt government.

“Only fools follow him. Since the last elections, he has been illegally squatting in State House and because he knows he ought not to have acted as president during the elections period but should have followed the clear provisions of the constitution which oblige the Speaker of Parliament to act once there is a petition against an election result, Edgar is using the army to rule,” charged Prof. Hansungule. “The army should wake up and not be abused by corrupt idiots. The army belongs to the people and not to a usurper of power Edgar is. A good army is one which can uphold the constitution or would it be that our soldiers never read the constitution? The army must fight corruption, dictatorship, bad governance and all the vices that characterise our country. Before they realise it, PF thugs will find themselves answerable to the Zambian people for all their crimes.”

Prof. Hansungule said  that the Patriotic Front (PF) government was corrupt to the core such that it leadership wouldn’t want the military to force them to account.

He further said  that Zambia had collapsed under the PF corruption.

“This is a fact only the corrupt cannot see because they are part of it. PF thugs are illegally dispossessing people of their land regardless of whether one has title to it or not, what kind of government is this?” he asked

Prof Hansungule condemned the PF government’s removal of street vendors without providing an alternative to their business.

“Many of them are dying from lack of income. You don’t just stop people from what they are doing using the army. You plan for them long before you persuade them to abandon a practice you have scientific evidence it is bad for them,” said Prof. Hansungule. “Because you, yourself have eaten and after that gone to the toilet, you dare stop others from doing the same. Are they not human like you? Don’t they want to eat like you? Government’s role is to plan for people and then come meet and persuade people. Edgar is using the gun because he knows he has never won an election, he is there illegally. He can’t dare meet people, only his PF thugs and other scums of the earth he is using.”

Prof. Hansungule asked Zambian defence forces to emulate their Zimbabwean counterparts in defending the constitution and the rights of citizens.

“Whatever their motivations or even hatred of Grace Mugabe, Zimbabwe army has done something that is positive for Africa as a whole. Our African armies should no longer be colonial tools that salute corruption, theft and dictatorship. We need armies that respect constitutions and people. When they are ordered to shoot at innocent people selling sim cards, they should turn back and shoot the one who illegally ordered them to do so,” said Prof. Hansungule. “When elections have been rigged, Form G12 is not signed or issued by poling managers as per law, soldiers must help police to ensure strict compliance with the law. Like in Zimbabwe, soldiers must not take over government but help fight vice and dictatorship in order to stabilise the country. It was really sad to see Zambian soldiers foolishly posted at various points across Lusaka. I saw them at UNZA bus stop, NRDC turn off, town centre and at various stations which gives them a terrible name. Soldiers have a duty to say NO to whoever issues them with an illegal order regardless of that person’s status. If they don’t, they risk being prosecuted whenever government changes which is normal in democracies including budding democracy.”

Prof. Hansungule added: “It doesn’t matter you were appointed to the position for your ethnicity, when trouble comes you will account for your indiscretions alone. As in Zimbabwe, the army realised that if they go on supporting Mugabe’s rotten dictatorship through his wife who took over government illegally using first lady’s status, they are finished when change comes. Zambia army should realise this. They are eating bread now or free mealie meal while vendors they rudely and inhumanely chased from the streets have nothing but this will not last. We vendors and people generally are busy organising to get the country back to the right pedestal and get rid of corrupt Edgar, and soon we shall…”

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