Edgar Lungu is a joke, says Kabimba

 Edgar Lungu is a joke, says Kabimba

Wynter Kabimba says Edgar Lungu is not a serious person but a joker.

Kabimba was commenting on Lungu’s decision to go and play with shonkonono in Egypt the same day there was a coup in Zimbabwe.

Kabimba was speaking on CBC TV’s On Record programme.

“Let me tell you the shock that I had myself. You have a coup next door and President Lungu goes to Egypt. The day when he was leaving for Egypt, that was the first day for the coup in Zimbabwe, how do you leave your country when the house next door is burning? What if your own house starts burning?” Kabimba asked.

“I saw this in 1978, President Nyerere was in Zambia when there was an attempted coup against Daniel arap Moi in Kenya. Nyerere cut short his visit and flew back to Tanzania because he is Commander in Chief, he must be on the ground.
Here, Edgar goes to Egypt and he is very happy there whilst there is a coup in Zimbabwe. I have never seen that kind of sense of security about your country. Botswana is right, they have to close borders and here, since it is chipante pante, who even knows whether or not borders should be closed?”

Kabimba told Lungu that running a country requires seriousness.

“Bwana, this is a country! You are running a country! You are not playing, this is not a football match. This shows lack of seriousness and concern that you are running a country. It is not downing on him that he is running a country. This is not a law firm, this is a country bwana. And what is happening can affect all of us so the President must show concern,” Kabimba said.

Kabimba also said SADC had proved itself to be a “toothless bulldog”.

“How can you help your friend when your own house is disorganized? What has SADC done? Nothing! They met today in Angola and there is a story that Zuma is flying to Harare, to go and do what? There is nothing which Zuma is going to do there. SADC has proven that it is a toothless bulldog and nobody will have confidence in SADC anymore after this,” Kabimba said.

“For leaders that want to overstay, and this is where the third term comes in which Lungu is looking for, the more you want to overstay in power, the more corrupt you become, the more corrupt you become, the more you don’t want to leave office. The more corrupt you become, the more you want to oppress divergent views. The more you want to make sure that there is no strong opposition in the country and you start to destroy even the same political party to which you belong. Absolute power corrupts. It is important to respect the power divisions in the party and in the government.”

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