‘Edgar Lungu is a joke’

Dear Editor,

I wish to register my disappointment with the happenings around our Headless Head of State Edgar Chagwa Lungu. I wish to state that he must know when it’s time for childish play and time for serious business pertaining to the running of state affairs. Of all the Presidents who went to New York for the UN Assembly ,I don’t know if anyone of them carried street boys and girls in the name of musicians. Most Heads of states went to woe investors and not auction useless personal regalia. Our president needs to know the difference between party matters and national matters. Mr President come down to earth you embarrassing us with your foolish and childish antics. I hope you have good advisors to give you proper advise. Zambia is not your personal property you are running in trust for the Zambians. Shame on us who voted for a vision less leader like you. ID withheld. Concerned citizen.

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