Edgar Lungu says he is surprised that Mugabe has resigned

Mugabe with Lungu

Zambian dictator Edgar Lungu has told journalists on return from Angola that he is surprised that Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe has resigned.
Lungu was in Angola with South African leader Jacob Zuma and a few other regional leaders trying to help Mugabe to hold on to power and resolved that Jacob Zuma goes to Zimbabwe tomorrow but the resolutions have been overtaken by news of the resignation.
‘If there is a resignation as I am made to believe, I hope constitutionalism will continue, we are taken by surprise,’ Lungu said.
Lungu had phoned Mugabe on Friday urging him not to resign and when Zimbabweans warned Lungu to stay away from their affairs, Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba urged Zambians to ignore the messages from Zimbabwe as they were not official.
But Lungu has confirmed that he had indeed called Mugabe on Friday and talked on the crisis he was facing.
‘I spoke to him on Friday and we laughed,’ Lungu told journalists on arrival in Lusaka from the abortive SADC meeting in Angola.
Meanwhile Zimbabwean nationals in Zambia joined the celebrations as they danced at Lusaka Inter City Bus Terminus and in Lusaka townships where many Zimbabweans engage in small businesses.

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