Edgar Lungu was discharged from army for drunkness

Editor Sir,
Thank you for providing the country with such a powerful tool for sharing information.
Now, the information posted on your website and written by one Emmanuel Mwamba that Defence minister Edgar Lungu left the army to pursue law studies at UNZA is incorrect.
The author of that information claimed that:
‘Upon completion of his high school, he joined the Zambia Army training for military officers at Miltez in Kabwe. However, his military training was cut-short, as he had qualified and was picked to go to the University of Zambia (UNZA).’
It is true that Mr Lungu was recruited, as an Officer Cadet at Miltez in Kabwe.
But the reason he left is not because he qualified to go to UNZA. He was discharged due to drunkenness, laziness and general misconduct.
It is not possible that Mr Lungu could have just walked out of the training like that. Unless he deserted. That is not how we do things in the army. Once you join there are commands and instructions to be obeyed and followed strictly without question. Officers are not allowed to pull out of training just like that or for trivial reasons like going to study law or nursing. Am sure you have heard of the saying that ‘Discipline was founded in the army’?
In fact, training for officers is only a few months and if Mr Lungu was so keen to go to study law, the army would have sponsored him later. So it is not possible that he cut short his training as being alleged here. He was expelled for absconding to go and drink beer. He was infamous for going AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave).

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