Edgar Lungu’s day in court is coming, says Mulongoti as Siwale is denied bail

Lungu (c) dancing at Soweto market

People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti has charged that time for Edgar Lungu to stand trial in court is coming.
He pointed out that it was clear that Edgar Lungu has committed treason and his day in court will come one day.
‘Edgar Lungu himself has committed treason and his day in court will come,’ Mulongoti charged today.
He was speaking after New Labour Party leader Fresher Siwale was finally brought before the court after 9 days in detention following his arrest for allegedly defaming Edgar Lungu after he questioned his nationality.
For the first three to four days of his incarceration Siwale was held incommunicado forcing friends and relatives to search for him from several police stations in Lusaka.
He was finally brought before court today but typical of police and PF tactics to punish opposition leaders once arrested, Siwale could not take plea when the matter came up before Magistrate Alice Walusiku because the state told the court that they were not ready to proceed with the case claiming they did not have the docket and asked for an adjournment.
Siwale applied for bail but it was denied on grounds that he can only be granted bail after he takes plea. The matter has been adjourned to Thursday and Siwale remains in detention.

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