Edgar Lungu’s obsession with tribalism

Dear Editor,

Am disappointed with my President, Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s stance on tribalism. He is always mentioning it in almost every speech. Tribalism is a very sensitive case and doesn’t have to be mentioned every time because it hurts people’s feelings. Its not like CORRUPTION which hurts your finances. Mentioning it(tribalism) ignites the fire that was put off and there by brings in discrimination. If truly he is saying that we’re One Zambia One Nation, let him forget the tribalism talk and just embrace everyone in Zambia by just acting the right way(actions speak louder than words). To me, him(HE. EL) mentioning it almost everytime gives me the impression that he hasn’t really forgiven the people who didn’t vote for him. Its just like a husband saying he has forgiven the wife but he still talks about the wrongs she did. Today he was saying that ‘he has appointed people into government offices from regions were he was totally rejected’. I don’t find this statement right because he thinks everyone should like him. He should understand that not everyone will like him….its life. But he just has to embrace everyone and treat them equally because of his position. Lastly, on SABC this past week when interviewed, he blamed TRIBALISM for narrowly winning the 2015 Election. This is again is sad because he is always bringing the issue up. And moreover, its not true. Let him find another excuse and not the TRIBALISM excuse if truly he means that we’re one zambia one nation and for the sake of unity!!!

Warmly, Concerned Citizen of Zambia

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