Edgar Lungu’s traditional wife surfaces

Edgar Lungu’s traditional wife surfaces


Three women are claiming marital ownership and rights to Edgar Lungu as first Lady battles two fronts in what can best be described as a perfect love triangle.

According to State House sources, Lungu rarely lives at his official residence at Nkwazi House these days but at State Lodge where he entertains a young Swazi concubine much younger than First daughter Tasila.

This has reportedly riled the First Lady who has threatened to sue for a very expensive divorce if Lungu continues entertaining the voluptuous gift from his fellow dictator and the World’s last absolute monarchy King Mswati.

It has now turned out that the Swazi King may have ‘infected’ Lungu with his bad habit of polygamy.

Sources have confirmed that Ruth Nyanga the retired former personal secretary to the commissioner of lands is Lungu’s second wife. The President paid Lobola and the marriage is traditionally recognized.

Ruth hails from Choma District in Village Chikusa where Lungu got 3 votes in the last election believed to have been from his in laws.

The ‘second’ First Lady lives in Chamba valley and has no kids with the President though the relationship dates back to the days when Lungu was a failed lawyer.

Ruth and Edgar had issues when she put her retirement money into Lungu’s first attempt as a parliamentary candidate for Chawama where he was walloped. Lungu had promised to pay her back but failed.

The President lived with his Tonga wife until late President Sata threatened to fire him as Deputy Minister in the Vice President’s office, if he didn’t retain Esther’s marriage and Lungu succumbed to the pressure.

The First Lady is very concerned about this relationship because it threatens her interest in the President’s estate as rumours of his alleged sickness heightens.

Sources said President Lungu has renewed his relationship with Ruth Nyanga much to the chagrin of the First Lady who wants the second marriage to end immediately or she will sue for divorce.

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