Edgar Ngoma says he and Kaizer Zulu made Lungu President

Edgar Ngoma says he and Kaizer Zulu made Lungu President

Edgar Ng’oma was like my counsellor during the 2015 and 2016. He used to encourage us when people like KZ and Amos ignored us. I have so much respect for him, though like any of us he has his weaknesses. Read what he has to say on this issue.

Dr. Edgar Ng’oma -political commentator/analyst

I am entitled to my opinion, kindly respect wrong or right.

KZ had made numerous mistakes to the public but he never failed in his job for the party and it’s government. He worked well for the party and he was the most loyal official to the party and its president.

I worked with KZ and I know how he, Chilubanama and I helped President Lungu ascend to power,at a time when people did not believe in President Lungu taking turns in calling him all sorts of names at the time.

Guy Lindon Scot withdrew the government security details and machinery from Lungu so that he could never ascend to power , but Kaiser and current ADC Chanda who has been the body guard since president sata died till today were the two people who guarded president Lungu 24/7.
They made sure they checked where he slept , what he was going to eat, drink, who he was talking with and what type of transport he was going to use.

Kaiser did all this alone with the help of ADC Chanda when the state never believed in Lungu and never took care of President Lungu . Ask me in my inbox I will explain more how Guy Scott tortured president Lungu because I was with President Lungu 24/7 after the death of President Sata.

While KZ was doing all this I was charged with the responsibility of branding the president, image building,political advisor and a social media assistant to president Lungu with my social media coined Chagwa special coverage capturing every moment live, to make sure you all knew where president Lungu was and what he was saying in the 2015 bye elections campaigns.

For me here, loyalty and experience of the job was very crucial in the replacement of KZ before looking at academic qualifications.

KZ has never failed his job as an advisor but failed in handling his social affairs.
I wish Kaiser Zulu all the best because his dismissal will leave a big gap which has not been filled by the replacement of Zamani Zimba, it a few grains of sand in the pit.
My analysis. END…….

Dr. Edgar Ng’oma – Political analyst/commentator-without fear or favor calling a spade a spade

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