Education disarray; Teachers living in dilapidated houses in Mangango

Education disarray; Teachers living in dilapidated houses in Mangango

IMG_0107[1] IMG_0109[1] IMG_0110[1] IMG_0113[1] IMG_0115[1]Teachers at Mangango primary school are living in fear as they occupy houses that are dilapidated and have developed cracks resulting from old age and uncontrolled quarrying.

Some concerned teachers told the Watchdog that the tiny houses were built in 1943 but have never received any maintenance. The houses have also been declared unfit for human habitation by government building inspectors and the teachers have been warned that they would not be compensated in case of any fatalities resulting from that.

Some teachers have since taken over classroom blocks thereby making children get piled up in one classroom containing as many as 150 pupils.

The matter has apparently been reported to government officials in Western province but nothing has been done at the only primary school in the constituency.

Other problem faced at the school is the distance covered by children. Some children cover between five to ten kilometers. The PF introduced curriculum of vernacular teaching has also hampered the school as there are no teaching materials but comedian Education minister directed that all school implement the new teaching method.

Still in Mangango, next episode will be on health. Only one Congolese doctor is manning the hospital there, multiple complaints from the residents and many other problems that PF have opted not to address.

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