Edward Mumbi, Chifire go underground

Former Patriotic Front Secretary General Edward Mumbi has gone in to hiding.

Others who have gone underground for fear of their lives under the new regime are Gregory Chifire, Edwin Lifwekelo and Elvis Nkandu the president of the Zambia National Marketeers Association based in Kitwe.

Yesterday as new ruler Michael Sata was being sworn, PF cadres were busy looting and ransacking the house of MMD Lusaka province chairman William Banda in Bauleni shanty compound.

Banda escaped unhurt as he was alerted in advance that the hooligans were headed for his home.

On the day of elections, president Sata met with Edward Mumbi and confronted him and almost poked fingers in his face while shouting at him.

Mumbi, Lifwekelo, Chifire and others who have gone into hiding ran a vicious campaign opposing Sata’s election.

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