Edward Mumbi to sue Daily mail over Sata may die story

Lawyers representing former PF Secretary General and MMD member Edward Mumbi have given the Zambia Daily Mail 14 days to apologize or face legal action for the stories published in the Daily mail issues of 5th January and 6th January,2012, headlined Mumbi Faces Arrest and Mumbi is Wrong-Mambo.

This emanated from a story which linked Mr Mumbi to a group of people circulating stories to the effect that President Michael Sata’s health has greatly deteriorated and that he has only about seven months to live.

In a statement of claim for damages for libel, obtained by QFM, Mr Mumbi’s lawyers George Kunda and Company says the serious allegations are completely false and malicious and that they constitute a grave libel upon their client.

The statement says the two articles published by the Daily Mail are highly defamatory and have lowered Mr Mumbi in the estimation of right thinking members of society and have exposed him to hatred,contempt and ridicule not only in Zambia but worldwide since the newspaper is also published online.

The lawyers say their client fears for his life because of the publications which impute that Mr Mumbi has criminally defamed the President and spread seditious statements against the President and the Government of the Republic of Zambia.

They are demanding that the newspaper publish in the next issue a full and complete retraction and apology in terms to be approved by them on their client’s behalf, in as prominent a position as the article complained of, that a written assurance and undertaking be made by the newspaper that they will not further publish any similar articles concerning their client.

They further demanding that the Daily Mail pays their client a proper suitable or reasonable sum as damages for the injury to his reputation and for the embarrassment and distress caused to him, and to indemnify their client in respect of the costs which he will have incurred in the matter.


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