Edward Mumbi wants Sata to account for money

sataFormer Patriotic Front General Secretary, Edward Mumbi has challenged Patriotic Front leader Michael to tell the nation what he has done with the money donated to the party by well-wishers.
According to ZANIS, Mr. Mumbi has also challenged Mr. Sata to explain why he wanted to frame former President Dr. Fredrick Chiluba as having received K2 billion from DRC governor for Katanga province Moses Katumbi.
Mr. Mumbi said as chief executive of the Patriotic Front at the time, he was aware of the huge sums of money the party received from well-wishers including some international donors.
He said he was the one who used to take the money to Mr. Sata whenever the party received funds from the donor community.
Speaking at a rally addressed by President Rupiah Banda at Chilongoshi basic school in chief Munkonge’s area in Kasama today, Mr. Mumbi disclosed that despite having been funded to pay election agents in 2006 and 2008 respectively, the party had not released the funds to its agents.
He said the donor community made huge contributions but that Mr. Sata had decided to keep the money to himself.
Mr. Mumbi said he has documents about the monies that the party received but was not used for the intended purpose.

He challenged Mr. Sata to come out in the open and explain how the huge sums of money made available to the party were used.
He said in many cases he had to quarrel with the PF leader over issues to do with money especially when dishonesty was involved.
Mr. Mumbi said because of the PF leaders’ dishonesty, the party was just using registers to seek financial assistance as opposed to party identity cards.
“The money made available to the party by the donor community has not gone to any of the nine provinces in the country. I want him to explain to the nation where that money is,” said Mr. Mumbi.
“Having been chief executive of the party, I knew everything about the party and I received the money on behalf of the party and delivered it to Mr. Sata. If what I am saying about his dishonest conduct is not true, let him come out and deny it,” added Mr. Mumbi.
He disclosed that when Mr. Sata lost the elections, he sent Mr. Mumbi to ZNBC studios to announce to the nation alleging that for President Dr. Chiluba had received K2billion from Mr. Moses Katumbi to help campaign for the MMD.
Mr. Mumbi said he refused to proceed with the mission because there were no facts and that the story was just a hoax.
The former PF secretary General vowed to go round the nine provinces of the country to expose the alleged dubious activities of the opposition leader.
He alleged that regardless of the many suitable candidates to contest the Kasama central bye-election, Mr. Sata opted for Mr. Geoffrey Mwamba because he receives money from him.
Mr. Mumbi also challenged Mr. Sata to be truthful explain the reason’s for his party’s withdrawal of the 2008 presidential petition.
He said responsible leaders must always tell the truth to the people they lead.
Mr. Mumbi appealed to the people in Kasama Central to vote for MMD parliamentary candidate in the Kasama Central bye-election Burton Mugala.

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