Lifwekelo’s family disgusted with Lubinda’s visit at UTH

The family of upnd deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo have expressed disgust at the conduct of Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda for trying to make political mileage out of Lifwekelo’s illness.

A family spokesperson alleges that Lubinda yesterday went to visit Lifwekelo in UTH with a horde of reporters and started asking the patient if he had received any support from UPND or its president Hakainde Hichilema.

A family member said it was immoral for someone who is aspiring to be a national president to behave like that.

The source said if Lubinda meant well, he could have gone to the hospital in private. To add salt to in injury, the Sunday Mail has today run a story on the same with the editor’s footnote that they are unable to show the pictures due to there sensitivity.


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