Effects of load shedding on environment

Please help people understand the disastrous effect of load-shedding on the environment. The increase in these nationwide blackouts has led Zambians to increase demand and dependance on charcoal. Knowing very well that charcoal comes from trees and it doesn’t take one tree to fill a 50Kg bag. My greatest fear right now is the future of our forests, the same forests we need to create a stable rain cycle so as to avoid future loadsheding (blamed as acts of God – when we causing it). A wise gvt (which everyone knows our current gvt is not) would work extra hard to protect the integrity of our forests by finding means ASAP to combat loadshedding so as to protect our already mismanaged forests. As a country we need a leader who cares most about the future of this nation for our grandchildren’s sake, not someone who will sacrifice our big cats, borrow carelessly that 3 generations will sweat to pay back the debts and last but not the least turn our green country into a desert by allowing load shedding to continue hence encouraging deforestation.

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