Egyptian embassy, Zambia police team up to block Journalists’ protest

The planned protest at the Egyptian embassy in Lusaka to press for the release of the detained Al Jazeera journalists has been put off after the Egyptian embassy officials complained to the PF government.

The protest at the Egyptian embassy in Long Acres in Lusaka was scheduled to take place on Thursday, 3rd July 2014. After offering solidarity to the Al Jazeera journalist, the Zambian free media activists also intended to hand a petition to Zambian minister of information Joseph Katema demanding the end to harassment of journalists in Zambia.

Sources from the police have told the Watchdog that the PF felt that the protest if allowed would expose the PF’s brutality on the media and would spring up other protests, especially in the wake of the continued secrecy on the whereabouts of President Michael Sata who is suspected to be terminally ill in a foreign hospital.

“Egypt’s media transgressions are just like those of Zambia, allowing protests on this soils amounts to opening a pandoras box for the PF especially under the current scenario where they don’t want any citizen and indeed media house to talk about the illness of the President,” said a well placed senior policeman.

Journalists that have spoken about Sata’s health have either been detained by police or threatened to have their media houses closed by state agents or beaten by PF thugs.

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