EIA ready to defend its Mukula report in court

EIA ready to defend its Mukula report in court

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) says it is looking forward to a court case in which Some Zambian ministers have sued it.

Late  last year, the EIA  released a report entities Mukula Cartel, which reports exposes how associates connected to  President Edgar Lungu, including his daughter Tasila Lungu, are  involved in the plunder of valuable, increasingly scarce, mukula rosewood trees; and hence the destruction of Zambia’s vulnerable forests.

The investigation shows that despite public pledges to end the illegal mukula trade, several politicians are repeatedly named as key actors in an influential timber trafficking network that bypasses existing national bans on mukula harvest and export.

After the report was published, President  Edgar Lungu’s daughter, Tasila, lands minister Jean Kapata and her justice minister Given Lubinda  sued the Environmental Investigation Agency and some local journalists for defamation for publishing reports that they are involved in the illegal sale of mukula tree.

Tasila, Kapata and Lubinda want an interim and permanent injunction restraining  the respondents  from publishing similar libelous and malicious articles and opinions relating to them pending determination of the matter.

The three are also seeking damages for libel and slander and punitive and exemplary damages with interest from the defendants.

But the EIA is not intimidated, says it will stand by the truth like it has always done.

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