Eight Heads of State confirm participation in Jubilee celebration-Scott

Eight Heads of State confirm participation in Jubilee celebration-Scott
Ceremonial vice president Guy Scott has told parliament Friday morning that eight Heads of State have confirmed participation in the much talked about Jubilee independence celebrations.
Scott did not however name the leaders that have confirmed but promised that more are expected to confirm by next week.
This will pose another challenge to the government as President Sata will be expected to host the visiting Heads of State and preside over the celebrations and under normal circumstances should deliver a speech to the nation.
Sata has not been seen from the time he returned from New York where he went on a ‘medical’ holiday and may be resting to gather energy for the Jubilee celebrations.
And Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) cadre Boman Lusambo has called Zambians demanding for a medical board to ascertain ailing President Sata’s health as visionless citizens.
Lusambo claimed that it was taboo to subject President Sata to a medical board because Zambia was a christian nation and noted that President Sata can fall sick like any other person.
The Law Association of Zambia however said Friday morning that the constitution is clear on what should be done when a President is incapacitated.

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