Police Officers defy Sata’s orders to surround Chitimukulu’s residence

Eight Protective Unit Police officers commonly known as Mobile Police are reported to have refused orders to camp at Chitimukulu’s Palace. A source from within the Intelligence community in Northern Province has disclosed that the eight officers have since gone back to Kamfinsa Mobile police base.
The source said the eight left Chitimuluku’s palace after lightening struck their camp late year.”That story you have been running about State House Police officers telling their bosses that the PF is a one term government does not surprise me.

Here in Northern Province eight Police Officers from Kamfinsa have deserted. They have refused to be part of the officers surrounding Paramount Chief Chitimukulu’s palace. They left immediately after they survived a mysterious lightening that struck their tent. They are saying they have families to look after and are ready to be fired. In fact they are saying there is no need for that assignment because the Bemba Royal Establishment is not violent towards government” the intelligence source said.
The Intelligence source says another officer has been taken back to Kamfinsa after developing a mysterious disease following a confrontation with a senior citizen over the Chitimukulu saga.
“I think those at State House are even better. The eight who have gone back to Kamfinsa have vowed that they are even ready to face the President himself. They say that the tour of duty in Northern province is not necessary because the Chitimukulu and his people are not violent, they have not even filed a court order. In short they not confrontational so why deploy them there?” the source said.
President Sata has deployed a battalion at Chitimukulu’s palace to stop the Bemba Royal Establishment from officially installing Henry Manga Sosala as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu. President Sata wants Chief Chewe to be Chitimukulu going against the Bemba tradition.

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