Election was fraudulent – Mulongoti


Election figures don’t add up –

Mulongoti MIKE Mulongoti says it is impossible to believe that one voting stream recorded over 500 votes within 12 hours in the August 11 elections

because one voter took an average five minutes

to cast their ballot. In an interview, Mulongoti observed that the

election was a fraud. “This election was a fraud. If you just do some calculations, you will discover that if it took five

minutes for one person to vote, then in one hour,

it is only 12 people who vote and in 12 hours, it

is 124. We know that our friends in Southern

Province are so gifted that in 12 hours, thousands had voted, even our friends in Matero,

they were able to vote with that unbelievable

speed. Our friends in other countries take days or

even weeks to complete voting but here it was

only 12 hours,” Mulongtoi said. “When you take 3.7 million voters divided by

10,800 voting streams, you get an average 342

voters per stream. Now if you say every person

took at least five minutes to cast their votes; so

then you multiply 342 by five, you will get 1,710

minutes needed for each one of them to vote. How many hours are in 1,710 minutes? That’s 28

hours 30 minutes. But in Zambia, polls open for

12 hours only, how did some voting stream

record over 342, over 500 votes? Go to Vera

Chiluba polling station in Lusaka, they have about

8,000 registered voters, over 5,000 voted, find out how they did that in 12 hours.” He said the figures that were coming out of some

constituencies like Mandevu in Lusaka were not

making sense. “You know that Heroes Stadium seating capacity

is about 60,000, that’s a lot of people voting in

one day. Now you can imagine that Mandevu

Constituency recorded over 80,000 voters,

59,000 of those voting for PF. Do you know the

kind of logistical nightmare it would be to get over 80,000 voters to cast their ballots for the

president, MP, councillor, mayor, and referendum?

How did all that happen in 12 hours?” Mulongoti

asked. “The truth is that polling agents cast the votes on

behalf of Zambians. They marked the ballots on

behalf of thousands of citizens. It was a

fraudulent election. That is why the form GN 12

was missing. ECZ was using the summary to

enter their figures without the form GN 12.” He said most of the returning officers were now

coming out to say the truth because the money

they had been paid had finished. “In most places, Nawakwi’s votes were turned

into spoilt ballots. It was a fraud and now the

money which the returning officers chewed has

finished and they are starting to talk. They were

paid about K5,000 to K10,000 each. That’s why

bena Kaizar Zulu were very anxious moving around from Northern to Luapula and so on. I

want you to know that this was a fraud and I

will continue repeating that this was a fraud,”

Mulongoti said. He charged that it was not possible that the PF

got more than 50 per cent of votes when the

party’s popularity was at its lowest. “I campaigned for PF in 2011, I campaigned for

PF in 2015, PF is at its worst popularity now.

How can they get 50 per cent plus one? Ask

yourself, when the popularity is at its worst, is it

possible that they can pass with flying colours?

How many Zambians are happy with PF? How many?” Mulongoti asked. “And is it possible that people can wake up on

that day and only vote for two people? Is that

rational? Is that normal? There’s something

wrong. The outcomes were predetermined.” He asked Zambians to open their eyes to the

electoral fraud. “But the people of Zambia have not caught up

with this issue. They don’t know what we are

talking about, it is like we are being unfair to

Lungu, no! He didn’t win this. It is a fraud. Even

when they were swearing him in, did you see

his facial expression? Was he a very excited man? When your conscious is eating you, you

cannot be excited and he will end up badly

because he took the Bible to swear to God when

he knows it was a fraud. No! God doesn’t like

that,” said Mulongoti. “Why didn’t South Africa come? Why didn’t

Malawi send their President? Why didn’t Congo

and Namibia send their

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