Elections body castigates Sata for premature campaigns

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) national conflict management committee has expressed its displeasure at ailing dictator Michael Sata for engaging in premature campaigns in Vubwi and Malambo constituencies in the Eastern province.
Oposition MMD and UPND lodged a complaint to ECZ who summoned a meeting yesterday at which it was resolved that Sata was wrong. The conflict management committee advised that if the head of state wants to hold political meetings in areas scheduled for elections, he must hold such meetings indoors.
Under the laws governing elections in Zambia, it is not allowed to hold campaign meetings before the official date of elections has been announced and nominations done but In a desperate move to increase the ruling party’s seats in parliament, a fortnight ago Sata flew to Eastern province where he held campaign meetings for PF candidates in the two constituencies which were previously held by the opposition MMD but nullified by a PF engineered supreme court ruling.
ECZ public relations manager Chris Akufuna who confirmed the meeting and the resolutions in a statement to the media, urged all parties to abide to the electoral code of conduct.

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