Electoral act should be reviewed-Mwanza

The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) has called for a review of the Electoral Act before the 2011 general elections are held.

Speaking to radio phoenix, EFZ Executive Director, Reverend Mukuta Mwanza said the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) delibreations are unhurried and doubted whether the country would have a new constitution before it goes to the polls next year.

Mwanza said it is important for the electoral to be reviewed so that the election date is enshrined in constitution.

The Reverend further said it is good that the 50+1 threshold would go to the referendum and hoped it could be used in the forthcoming elections.

Mwanza cautioned the clergy to refrain from certain acts so that they are not perceived as partisan, but said the church must comment or contribute when necessary.

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