Electoral Commission is up-to no good


By Maiko Zulu

The recent announcement by ECZ to scrap the existing voter’s register and have eligible voters register afresh in a space on one month should be resisted by well meaning citizens.

This is the same ECZ that said it will nt fund observers during the printing of ballot papers in Dubai and the same ECZ that complains of not performing to expectation because of being underfunded. One month to register 9 million potential voters in the Covid 19 times is a suicide undertaking. Remember, the current 6 million Voter’s Register started in 2005 so what magic is ECZ going to use to register 9 million voters in one month? Unless they will use the 48 houses formula.

It is most certain that ECZ is playing to someone’s political gallery and while people maybe thinking that election rigging is done during voting, citizens need to realise that if not watched, ECZ has the potential of becoming the motherboard of a systematic rigging machinery. We have already seen how the National Registration Cards issuance is becoming major source of concern for voters in certain areas and as stated before, Zambians should not go to sleep while our institutions are being hijacked in criminal fashion by criminal elements.

Can we stop this nonsense already!


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