Elephant kills Renowned Livingstone tour guide

Elephant kills Renowned Livingstone tour  guide

Livingston based renowned local tour guide Chiinga Siavwapa has been mercilessly killed by an elephant.

Chiinga was renowned Zambian musician Shyman Shaizo’s elder brother.

Police say Chiinga 45 who was owner of Southern Safari Touring Company was guiding tourists at Maramba cultural bridge yesterday around 07:00 hours morning when he was attacked and killed by an elephant.

One of the tourists who was being guided by Chiinga said about 10 elephants suddenly pitched up from the bush and one charged towards them but Chiinga clapped and it went away.

He however said another huge lone elephant charged towards Chiinga as he was in an open area and attacked him.

“There were two young calfs in the heard and one huge elephant charged towards Chiinga who was in an open area while we stood behind a tree. It picked him up with its trunk. It was very very awful. It stamped on him and used its tusks, it was very traumatic,” said the unidentified tourist.

Zambia Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo says Chiinga sustained a deep wound on his back.

She says his body has been deposited to Batoka Hospital mortuary.

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