Eleven points that PF regime has lost people’ s confidence

Eleven points that PF regime has lost people’ s confidence


At this point it is very hard for the PF administration to revive itself and put us back on a course of economic recovery. This confiddence is not a about emotions but it is about the poor performance of PF and their attitude towads corruption and other threats to governance.

Our current leaders have lost the confidence of stakeholders and here are the signs that show it.

1. BOZ believes government’s austerity measures are weak
2. The IMF pulled out their representative
3. The US pulled out their Ambassador and are not in a hurry to replace him
4. The credit rating have continued to plummet
5. Eurobond yields are performing poorly
6. ADB has imposed sanctions
7. The Kwacha continues to be weak and unstable
8. FIC and Auditor General reports are discouraging to Donors
9. Anti-corruption stakeholders like Transparency International do not believe in government commitment
10. Government continues to fail to meet obligations due to tight budget
11. Even PF members see the need for a fresh face

This situation demands that the country gives itself a new direction one that will spur new confidence in the economy and anti-corruption measures.

The lack of confidence is the reason why an investor will prefer Tanzania to Zambia. It is the reason why donors will withhold their funds. It is the reason the kwacha will stay weak.

Zambians need to do themselves a favour and demand a new mandate from a new leadership. There is nothing different PF can offer, they have been awash with money from loans and the only things they have to show for it are their bulged bellies.

Richard W

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