Chipimo accuses RB of failing to continue Levy’s fight against corruption

National Restoration Party (NAREP) President Elias Chipimo says his party is saddened by President Rupiah Banda’s failure to honor his word of building on the sure foundation created by the late Levy Patrick Mwanawasa as he has been reluctant to fight corruption.

Chipimo told the watchdog that corruption is a killer that poses a great challenge to the development of the nation and has been overlooked by the current regime, therefore, the vice should not be entertained.

He claimed that the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) Government has failed to provide economic development and other services to citizens as the ruling party has no vision.

Speaking on development programs, Chipimo said there is need to revamp the energy sector and make Zambia an energy super power like Brazil to enable the country run one of the world’s top ten clean economies.

He said a bio fuels production program must be put in place as it will help add value to the economy as well as building infrastructure in areas that have vast farm land that will develop the nation into an agricultural giant.

Chipimo also reiterated his party’s desire to reduce the size of cabinet if NAREP emerges victorious in the forthcoming elections so that more resources can be directed to meeting the needs of citizens.

He said that the roles of ministers and their deputies must be reviewed so that some are eliminated to cut down costs, and new rules governing the utilization of public funds should be implemented.

The NAREP Leader disclosed that his party shall set targets for cabinet which must be reviewed every 3 months and as head of state he will directly be involved in the smooth running                of the nation.

Chipimo further said there is need to revamp the sanitation, rehabilitate old and develop new infrastructure as this will help in the provision of more jobs.

Commenting on women in the country, he said females must be saluted as they hold the society together and must be given a special role.

Chipimo noted that training programs for women must be introduced so that their capability is developed to play a meaningful role in society.

He said country should provide mentorship programs for women and enable them to have fast access to land, capital, and any skills training that they may desire.

The NAREP President said it is sad to see youths lacking advancement in their careers, access to decent accommodation, leadership, and proper health services.

Chipimo said youths should be recognized as future leaders and brought in the mainstream political scenario so that their aspirations are harnessed with those of the nation’s leaders.

Speaking on corruption, he said there is need to re-introduce the section 36 of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) act as it was deterrent against abuse of office.

Chipimo stated that in the event that he emerges victorious, NAREP will establish a public hearings commission and in some cases offer amnesty to perpetrators of corruption to enable the successful recovery of the funds that were misappropriated.

He also disputed claims by some sections of society that his party is in support of MMD , adding that such rumors are false as his party has a vision and manifesto that is no match for the ruling party.

The NAREP leader appealed to Zambians to choose a God fearing individual who is humble and will accept criticism, and work everything as if he were working for God as opposed to leaders who will be distracted by anger, women, and money.

Chipimo further said citizens should turn out in numbers on polling day and vote wisely as Zambia cannot wait for the 2016 elections to choose a devout Christian leader that has a heart for the people.

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