Elias Mpondela: the athletics killer

Elias Mpondela: the athletics killer


If enhanced, Sport particularly ATHLETICS can create valuable income and employment for many youths across the country. But alas we can’t progress because of human impediments such as Elias Mpondela.

This man alone has frosted every potential Athlete this country would have produced due to his selfishness; his longevity as ZAAA President for Christ’s sake. State Presidents have come and gone but he is still there: During Dr Kaunda he was there, Chiluba came he was ZAAA president, Mwanawasa came he was still ZAAA president through to the current Edgar Lungu. Samuel Matete attempted to contend for the presidency, he was brutally hounded and purged out of ZAAA. Really what do you want Elias? The little success you have is enough please – take a back seat and allow other Sports Managers to take over. Retire for God’s sake! We want to re-organise Athletics in the nation the same way it is organised in Kenya, Jamaica, South Africa, UK, USA, etc. We want to introduce Amateur Leagues at Ward Level, District level, Provincial up to National level to tap Talent that will compete favourably at International Level. I know you would sight the likes of MUPOPO, SIAME, etc as a success story but for me that is mediocrity. This country has better Talented Runners than your favoured picks. We want Athletes to be picked on Merit; mind you not every person would make a Good Athlete no matter how much you push them. And that is where you miss it. To the contrary, Athletics is a Talent which is enhanced by proper training. You don’t just pick every ‘Jim and Jack’ and think would a good Athlete and compete Internationally. That is where you have failed Sir Elias; let the Talent be identified through a transparent Sieving Process without favouritism or bias.

I know being an adamant person you might take offence of this advice. But if you Truly LOVE your country Zambia, the Sport and want to Empower the Youth, you would positively take this advice and RETIRE. No malice involved here, I just want us to use Athletics as a means of Employment for our youths so that they can earn a living the way other countries are doing it.

Thank You.


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