Embarassing: ECZ chairperson caught announcing wrong election results

Embarassing: ECZ chairperson caught announcing wrong election results


Things don’t seem to add up with the results that ECZ announced and what they are putting on their website. According to the results that ECZ announced for Lundazi Constituency Edgar Lungu got 29, 979 and Hakainde Hichilema polled 4, 975 that is 34, 954 for these two only minus results for other candidates. Yet the total number of valid votes cast is 29, 741. This is what ECZ chairperson Esau Chulu announced and you can listen to him in the attached video. He actually repeated the figures as he was reading on the documents. These are the results that made Edgar Lungu win. These are the ‘official’ results.

In shame, ECZ has changed the numbers on their website and now PF has 21, 979 and UPND still has 4,975. 8000 votes have been removed from PF’s total for Lundazi constituency.
Lungu alone got more votes than the valid number of votes. Really Esau Chulu, don’t you have any intergrity remaining in you at all?

Now listen and watch disgraced former judge Esau Chulu in this video as he was announcing results to the world. The ECZ can try to change figures on the website but such videos are there for each constituency and will be availed in court as evidence to show discrepancies.
These are 8, 000 iflated votes already just for one constituency. There are disputed votes from places such as Chingola, Mandevu and elsewhere. According to ECZ, Lungu went over the 50+1 threshold by 13 000 votes only. Now if 8000 has been removed from Lundazi alone, it means he is remaining with 5, 000 above the Threshold. Wait until evidence from other constituencies roll in.

And those complaining about the postponement of the petition, let not your hearts be troubled. Everything is under control.



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