Embarrassed and scared Mukwita asks for out of court settlement

Embarrassed Zambia Daily Mail Managing Director Anthony Mukwita has written to former Defense Minister Geofrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) through his Lawyers Makebi Zulu Advocates for an out of court settlement for the defamatory opinion he wrote about GBM.

A source from the Zambia Daily Mail has told the Zambian Watchdog that Mukwita wrote to GBM through his lawyers this morning begging that the matter should not be taken to the courts of law but settled outside courts.
“Mr. Mukwita is very embarrassed with the whole issue. He is a very excited person. He regrets having written such a stupid editorial and this morning he wrote to GBM asking that the matter be settled outside court. It is a clear cut case. It is very easy to prove that GBM was defamed.Actually he was insulted,” the source said.
The source said the meeting between GBM’s Lawyers Makebi Zulu advocates and Mukwita who will be accompanied by Zambia Daily Mail legal counsel a Mr. Zulu and Director of Editorial Nebat Mbewe will take place tomorrow 19/02/14.
When contacted for a comment Mr. Makebi Zulu said he was aware a letter from the Zambia Daily Mail has been delivered to his office but he was not privy to the contents since he was out of office.
Yesterday, Mukwita one of Zambia’s most excited parastatal heads wrote a scathing editorial attacking GBM for buying his wife a US$ 200,000 Range Rover as a Valentine present. Mukwita himself has just bought a latest Land Rover Discovery soon after he purchased a Jeep Cherokee.

It seems Mukwita, known as a playboy at Daily Mail, is facing pressure form senior government officials for attracting law suits.

If GBM wins the case against Mukwita and Daily Mail, it means that public money will be spent to pay GBM. Daily mail itself is a loss making entity and depends on government subsidies to continue running and paying workers like Mukwita.

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