Embarrassed: PF evacuates Mwanawasa’ niece

The PF regime has finally evacuated late president Levy Mwanwasa’s niece Tiberth Musambachime to South Africa for better medical services.
Tiberth was in the same car and in the company of Sata’ son Kazimu when they were involved in an accident a few days ago.

She sustained a broken spine but the PF only evacuated Sata’s son leaving Mwanawasa’s niece in a dilapidated hospital with old equipment in Kitwe.
The Post newspaper and other government media involved in covering up PF evil only referred to her as ‘some woman unknown address’.
But sustained exposure by the Watchdog has embarrassed the PF and by 12 hours local time, Tiberth was on her way to South Africa.
When Sata suffered a heart attack in 2008 due to chain smoking and while when he was a just an opposition politician, Mwanawasa felt compassion and evacuated him to South Africa where he life was served.

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