Embassy refusing to give me my passport

I write to complain about the treatment that I have been subjected to by the Officials at the Zambian Embassy in Sweden. I have lived in Denmark for 23 years now and have never thought of changing my citizenship; however the circumstances are becoming unbearable. The story is as follows;

It all began in 2000 when I applied for a renewal of my passport. My passport was renewed by the passport Office in Lusaka without issues, but an official at the Embassy by the Name of Simakungu withheld my passport for 2 years for no reason.

In the meantime I missed the funerals of 3 of my family members. It took a fight for me to get the passport and I was very angered by the actions of the Embassy

In July 2013 I submitted an application for a new passport, as my job requires travelling. When I inquired in November I was told that I did not submit pages 3 and 4, something I had done. I did resubmit pages 3 and 4. Upon resubmission of page 3 and 4 I pointed out the fact that # who ever moved the task of the renewal of passports from the Embassy’s was foolish and that they can tell that person” if they so wished. And that if duties of the Embassy were being recentralized to Zambiathen in my view it was better to move everything back home and close the Embassies


After this I made a call to the Embassy only to be told that I had insulted them and the Zambian Government, something I did not understand. I had a discussion with Clara Chilupe from the Embassy about this and according to her understanding I had insulted the Government, which I do not agree with: I told Clara that I needed the passport because I will be required to travel a lot in my role at my company. Clara told me that the forms had been forwarded to Lusaka

After two (2) weeks I asked my sister in Lusaka to go and check whether the forms had been received by the Passport Office in Lusaka. She was told that the Passport Office had not received any post from the Zambian Embassy in Sweden for the past four (4) months. I then sent an e-mail to the Embassy stating my displeasure over the way they were handling my issue. I stated in my e-mail that I did not know who to believe between the Embassy and the Passport Office

One of the 3 (Bulundo, Mubanga or Kabale) but I think it was Bulundo tried to contact me by phone but I could not answer his call. When I called back the man at the Embassy who is supposed to be a diplomat and a servant of the people wanted to boss me around, a scenario I did not condone. He asked me who I thought I was and I asked him who he thought he was. He wanted to talk to me as though I was a 7 year old Schoolboy and yet I am a man of 49 years with a daughter aged 22 years

This guy told me that he will make sure I never get a Zambian passport and that he will send my e-mails to the Office of the President who will deal with me. I told him to send the e-mails direct to the Presidenthimself  if he thought or felt I had insulted the Government


When I called again I spoke to the Ambassador herself (Rev. Edith Mutale), who spoke to me like a diplomat can do but was somehow siding with the embassy staff. She advised me to apologize, which I did. At the same time I made up my mind to withdraw my application for a Zambian passport, because it appeared as though this was a prerogative for certain special Zambians and not people like me

Arising from my withdrawing of my application I have on more than one occasion requested the Embassy to refund the passport fees that I had paid but I have had no response from them

Is this the way our officials at the Zambian Embassies are going to treat Zambians? I have spoken to some friends in the UK and other Countries and I have been told some officials do not treat Zambians nicely. Why should I be forced to change citizenship because some ignorant and pompus persons think that they will stay at the Embassy forever. This is stupidity and unacceptable. Remember everything has a beginning and an end. I have written to the idiots at the Zambian Embassy in Sweden to have the fees paidrefunded, but the idiots have decided to ignore me, because in their simple and cheap minds they own Zambia. Yes there are stupid Zambians that they think they can own but I am not one of them. Imagine a simple cadre threatening to have the Office of the President deal with me, my foot. I have told the fool I am waiting for the OP to come to my place and they will see. Atase ukutumpa

I have now been forced to apply for a Danish passport, a thing I have not done for the past 23 years, just because some foolish idiots think they own Zambia or have connections to the person in leadership. Learn from the past

Justice Lukanga Kafusha


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