Embassy staff in Russia steal $350,000


A scam at the Zambian Embassy in Russia, involving the
misappropriation of $350,000 USD, has been unearthed with the Moscow
Mission making efforts to cover-up. The fund meant for furniture was
used to purchase a mini-bus without authorisation and qoutations.
The Mission, whose Administrator is currently here in Zambia, is in an
over-drive to fabricate non-existent minutes for the Tender Committee
that never sat to approve this expenditure. Once fabricated, the
mission intends to back date the minutes.
In 2012, the Mission Administrator was fired at the Copperbelt
Province Office for misappropriation of funds and the Zambian Watchdog
warned the Government to be wary of such persons.
The latest scam raises questions as to how $350,000 USD cash money
could be withdrawn at once; and whether Government procedure has
changed. Government Auditors have gone to sleep as incompetent people
are running offices.
These incompetent people are likely to have utilized the funds for
personal gain with view to replacing it, just like many other people
are using tax payers’ money to do their businesses.

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