Emily Sikazwe still using Women for Change into as Cash Cow

Emily Sikazwe still using Women for Change into as Cash Cow

Emily Sikazwe

Emily Sikazwe


When Emily Sikazwe announced late last year that she had retired  as Executive Director from Women for Change. She was pressured by Board members to leave the Organization because of Financial mismanagement and  of the Organization. She became  a threat or risk to the organization.

This is the status of the organization that she led;

  1. We observed the organization has continued incurring huge deficits, ZMK 1,100,000 in 2013 and ZMK 1,140,120 in 2012. As at 31 December 2013 the Accumulated Funds deficit was ZMK 6,120,000 ! The current liabilities being more than the current assets by ZMK 4,300,000 !  This organization status casts doubt about the organization’s ability to continue operating.

We also observed as Board members that Pay As You Earn and National Pension Scheme deductions for the whole year, amounting to ZMK 432,000 and ZMK71,500 respectively have not been paid. Non-payment of Pay As You Earn deductions constitutes non- compliance with the Income Tax Act and Non-payment of pension scheme contributions attracts penalties.

Despite this financial malaise of Women for Change and having announced her retirement from the Organization, she is still enjoying full salary and benefits that even a Cabinet Minister does not enjoy. Her domestic servants are still on Women for Change pay roll, her  vehicles still draw fuel from Women for Change  Account to run personal errands, not mentioning her huge medical and telephone bills.

This is the Organization Emily  has been leading. She claims she is still outgoing Executive Director despite handing over the office to someone else!

Right now over 10 former Women for Change staff whose gratuity has not been paid have gone to the Ministry of Labour for non-payment of gratuity running into millions of Kwacha ….not mentioning the millions that the current serving staff are owed  in terms of gratuity. Emily  has always ensured that the Finance Manager is someone that she can control so that she continues drawing funds even if her trips are fully sponsored. The Finance Manager for Women for Change has just resigned in frustration.

Emily Sikazwe is now a  member of the commission on Legal and Justice Sector Reforms set up  in March 2014. She is claiming that this commission is NOT paying her any allowances and hence she is drawing all her allowances (fuel and sitting) from Women for Change !

Is it true that the commissioners of Legal and Justice Sector Reforms are doing Voluntary work  or she is double dipping despite her being alive to the fact that Women for Change is in very poor financial state?

This the person the government thinks has integrity and appointed to  sit on the commission on Legal and Justice Sector Reforms Commission ! She is supposed to champion human rights (sic)!

When the government say they want to regulate  NGO financial mismanagement through the NGO Act, this is a typical example of personalizing and plundering NGO resources meant for the poor.

ACC should probe her extravagant and greedy lifestyle at 25A Twin Palm Road,  Kabulonga where she resides and all her handpicked Board members that are toothless because she has compromised them.

There are still committed Women for Change Staff that deserve better because they have sacrificed for the Organization. Emily is still benefiting from Women for Change through intimidation claiming she created the organization despite her retirement !

Stop this Gender Activists impersonator from looting a moribund Organization !

Disgusted Board Member

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