Emmanuel Mwamba back to advance partisan politics in Zambia

Civil servant and diplomat Emmanuel Mwamba has returned to engage in partisan politics breaking diplomatic etiquette.

Mwamba recently expressed interest to contest Matero Constituency seat until Edgar Lungu sidelined him.

Today alone Mwamba was on two radio stations Komboni and Phoenix as a civil servant propagating the partisan lines contrary to the civil service provisions.

A number of civil servants perceived to be members of the opposition UPND have been fired.

Even the songs being played during the programmes are partisan PF songs, perhaps Lungu and PF have now opened the door for other civil servants to do the same for their political parties as an example has been set by Emmanuel Mwamba.

Meanwhile Mwamba is earning a salary as a civil servant while his office in Pretoria is forever vacant. People who need visas and other services are made to wait for months as the High Commissioner is never in the office.

If government changes, these are the people Mutembo Nchito should pursue under the Task Force on corruption.

Mwamba’ behaviour also shows how weak president Edgar Lungu is. Junior offices just do as they please while wasting tax payers’ money. During the times of KK or Mwanawasa, such behaviour was never even contemplated.

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