Emmanuel Mwamba is now chairman of team harassing the Post, meets Malupenga

Emmanuel Mwamba is now chairman of team harassing the Post, meets Malupenga

PF High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba has been given the task to oversee the project to close the Post newspaper.

And Emmanuel Mwamba this morning met local government permanent secretary Amos Malupenga to assure him of protection on his (Malupenga) now exposed task to rig elections.

Mwamba fears to be jailed if the PF loses elections due to a number of crimes he has committed (including strangling former president Fredrick Chiluba to death) so despite being rejected by the PF, he still continues imposing himself as he knows that Lungu can’t jail him, though he will dump him after elections – if he wins.

Among the projects Mwamba is overseeing is a computer lab he has set up where he is paying PF cadres to create multiple Facebook accounts to oppose anything the Post newspaper publishes.

A senior police officer has revealed that Mwamba has now taken command of the combined team of police, OP and Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) officers who are harassing the Post newspaper.

“We are now reporting to Emmanuel; can you imagine the level of unprofessionalism we are being subjected to?’ One of the officer asked.

The Watchdog has been informed and has verified that the idea by the police to raid commercial printing companies this morning was given by Emmanuel Mwamba.

A combined team of police, OP and ZRA officers this morning harassed almost all commercial printers on the suspicion that that they are the ones printing the post newspaper.

The Watchdog however is reliably informed that the institutions printing the Post can not be intimidated by the PF.

In a desperate attempt to silence the Post so that they can rig the elections in peace, Dununa reverse president Edgar Lungu ordered ZRA to confiscate the Post’ s printing press.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Mwamba has for the first time met his sworn enemy Amos Malupenga this morning.

Malupenga has been exposed as the one of the PF officials doing the actual rigging of elections through Town Clerks and other local government officials who are often hired to be returning officers during elections.

Malupenga is a coward and he has been ‘crying’ since the expose prompting Mwamba to visit him and reassure him of state protection.

When, six years ago, Mwamba was arrested for authoring materials in contempt of court, Malupenga was the state and star witness. At that time Malupenga was the managing editor of the Post, a position he did not deserve since he only has a certificate in journalism.

Mwamba started his career as a teller in ZANACO but was banished and blacklisted from working for any financial institution after stealing clients’ money. He then decided to try journalism, which he did not practice but went to work for Chiluba just after finishing studying.  Poor Chiluba.Emmanuel-Mwamba-SA


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