Emmanuel Mwamba pushes for Malupenga’s arrest over corruption in digital migration contract

Emmanuel Mwamba pushes for Malupenga’s arrest over corruption in digital migration contract

New Permanent Secretary at the ministry of information Emmanuel Mwamba is pushing to have his predecessor Amos Malupenga arrested for corruption in the tender on the supply, delivery and commissioning of the National Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting System in Zambia.

Mwamba, on Sunday September 22, 2013 cancelled the tender which Malupenga had signed saying the cancellation is line with advice his ministry received from the Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA).

The Watchdog has been exposing and documenting the corruption in this process all along.  See the following articles we published before:




But the Watchdog is reliably informed that Mwamba also passed documents relating to this corruption to the Anti-Corruption (ACC) late last week.

Government sources say the police may question Malupenga anytime this week.

Malupenga is now the permanent Secretary for Western province after being swapped by Emmanuel Mwamba.

Another source told the Watchdog that the police have already ‘scanned’ Malupenga’s bank accounts and found huge amounts of money which is believed to have been paid to him as bribes from some Chinese companies he wanted to give the tender to.

Abusing his office, Malupenga first influenced the preparation of the tender document to suit his interests and those of his partners.

Secondly, he willfully disobeyed the Zambia public procurement authority’s advice that the tender should be split into four components of civil works, studio, network and consultancy.

Malupenga refused to unbundle the tender but wanted to give the whole contract to his ‘friends’.

Malupenga also took a trip to China and Namibia to visit companies that expressed interest before the tender process closed.

Information reaching the Watchdog is that he was doing all this with the help of a Mr. Derrick Mpundu and a well-known Lusaka crook Kelvin Sampa.

It is also alleged that Sunshine, the company that won the tender opened an offshore account for Malupenga in Hong Kong and deposited US$1million.

To make sure he had no opposition in his desire to give the contract to his ‘friends’, Malupenga even fired Lowani Soko who was the chairperson of the Task Force on Digital Migration.

The question however is, will DPP Mutembo Nchito sanction the prosecution of Amos Malupenga since Nchito owes his fortunes of being in office to M’membe? We shall wait and see.

But, clear as this pure corruption by Malupenga is, if you think Emmanuel Mwamba is doing this to fight corruption, you are wrong.

There are two issues that are motivating Emmanuel Mwamba. The first one is that he belongs to the GBM gang in the fight for the PF leadership and succession wrangle.

Emmanuel Mwamba

Emmanuel Mwamba

Information reaching the Watchdog is that Mwamba is targeting to remove even George Chellah from his position as State House spokesperson. Chellah and Malupenga are all Fred M’membe’s blue-eyed boys. They are his former workers. To that end, Mwamba has already made changes at Daily Mail without the approval of George Chellah. He has taken Daily Mail Editor Isaac Chipampe to some inconsequential but high-sounding position at the ministry while leaving his friend and playboy Antony Mukwita as managing director and editor.

It remains to be seen where Mukwita’s loyalty will lie seeing that he is also very close to Fred Mm’embe. When times were tough for Mukwita prior to 2011, he was living off M’membe and some opposition leaders. Up to now, M’membe influences Daily Mail through Mukwita.

The second issue is that Mwamba wants to revenge against Malupenga for the role he played in having him locked up in 2010.

In November 2010, Emmanuel Mwamba was arrested and detained for almost a week on contempt of court charges. He was accused of writing two articles questioning the evidence and judicial process, published on www.zambianwatchdog.com



Amos Malupenga was the main witness against Mwamba in this matter. He is the one who started the whole process to have Mwamba arrested.

The interesting a part is that Mwamba is still on court bail as this matter has not been concluded.

Judge Gregory Phiri, who is often held hostage by the Post newspaper, has not made his ‘judgment.’

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