Emmanuel Mwamba’s fight against government

Emmanuel Mwamba’s fight against government


Emanuel Mwamba seems to have alot of time on his plate recently after his dismissal from his Diplomatic job. He seems to have taken over ” the merchant of lies” job that he so admirably performed for Chiluba. To understand Emmanuel Mwamba’s psyche, you need to understand his Political orientation. He has always, politically never sided with the people. He has worked for two of the most horrible and vicious political individuals and regimes. Frederick Chiluba’ regime and the PF, regarded to be probably the most corrupt and vicious regime to have ever governed Zambia have all been served by Emmanuel Mwamba religiously and with a seemly goring pride. In his article yesterday titled ‘100 Days, a failed start!!’, Mwamba put on his armour of lies and was at his usual best spewing innuendos and hearsays!!!


He unsurprisingly started his article with a startling lie that the UPND has petitioned most seats won by PF. The truth of the matter is that, UPND as a party has not petitioned any parliament seat. This is in sharp contrast to Mwamba’s PF party that petitioned ALL the MMD seats when PF ascended to power in 2011. In November 2011, 2 months after the PF won the 20th September General Elections, the PF as a political party, led by its Secretary General Wynter Kabimba petitioned all the 51 Parliament seats won by the newly ousted MMD. It’s the PF party itself that petitioned the seats in contrast with the UPND that has only seen individual losing candidates themselves petitioning the seats and NOT UPND as a political party. More over out of the 60 seats( before the PF won the Kamumbwe parliament elections) that the PF won in August, the UPND losing candidates only petitioned 31 seats!! And they have lost 25 of the seats petitioned and only 7 have been nullified. So for Mwamba to claim that the UPND intends to destroy our nation’s democratic growth is not only disingenuous but a blatant lie. Typical!!

Indeni/ ZESCO

Mr Mwamba’s rattlings in the economic front in the article saw him again canvas another shameless lie that the UPND intends to “sell” Indeni as indicated in what he termed as ” government discussions and decisions on Indeni Refinery”… To start with, the Cabinet of the UPND led administration has never sat to discuss the sell of Indeni. How Mr Mwamba has come to this conclusion is baffling as it is mischievous. What the UPND has done is to put Indeni on “Care and maintenance”! The same position that the Company was in under Mr Mwamba’s PF. It’s important to note here that the PF had closed Indeni since March of 2021. Indeni has not been operational for the last 8 months!! The last time that Indeni was ” operational was in December of 2020 when it received crude oil which it refined for 3 months only up to March of 2021. It again operated briefly for 2 weeks for Elections purposes in the last week of July and first week of August just before elections, a gimmick the lying PF wanted to use to hoodwink the people, an act that back fired horribly! It’s Emmanuel Mwamba’s PF that shut down Indeni and this could be evidenced by the fact the the Company never received any Crude oil the whole of 2021 to refine and secondly, the PF had decided that they don’t need Indeni going by the contracts they signed with OMCs to supply oil directly.
On ZESCO, it should be noted that no single Cabinet member has ever spoken about an increment in ZESCO tariffs. The only person who mentioned a tariff increment was the BOZ Governor, a periphery entity, never a policy maker. The only Government that has increased tariffs in the last 15 years, is the PF government under Edgar Lungu. And they did it twice. In 2017 and 2020. In December 2019, the PF announced a toxic and painful New year present for the people of Zambia when it announced a staggering 22 and 49 percent increments for Zesco electricity tariffs for domestic and commercial users respectively that kicked in on 1st January of 2020. According to President Lungu, the increments were necessary in order to attract ” private sector investment through cost reflective tariffs”!! Typical of their upside down policies, the PF government after this increment went on to strangle the biggest private investor in the energy sector, CEC by unilaterally confiscating CEC power lines and infrastructure, turning them into public domain. It had to take the courts first and later the Zambian voter to stop this lunacy! How Mr Mwamba and his PF envisaged to attract private investment in the sector with such capricious acts, is for u our readers to judge. Suffice to say he lied again!!

In the article, Mr Mwamba seems to suggest that , UPND, a party that opposed what he probably supposes to be a ” brilliantly tailored constitutional amendment proposal” in Bill 10, should not begin the process of enacting a new Constitution. How he has successfully managed to conjure up this thought as a premise for an opinion, is just utter brilliant!! However, it’s important for readers to note that the genesis of BILL 10 is the incarceration of HH and the evil treason charge the PF slapped on him. A process that was supposed to birth national dialogue after the release of HH, a dialogue process that was supposed to be spearheaded by the clergy,was hijacked the PF, set up a bogus body called NDF and manufactured an evil power grab scheme called BILL 10. An evil act that started with the incarceration of HH, ended with an evil scheme in the form of Bill 10 that the UPND crushed in Parliament and the Zambian voters ultimately crushed on 12th August!! The UPND has promised a broader, consultative and consensus building constitutional amendment process. It’s coming!!

On the fight against corruption, Mr Mwamba claims there is no ” discernible direction”, instead, according to him, it ” risks being run as a political witch hunt”!!
It’s however important to note that the UPND has successfully, in only under 3 months managed to recover a whooping K65MILLION hard cash back to State coffers, and retrieved property worth millions more from the same suspect. The party has a clear and robust anti corruption strategy that includes a fast track court for corruption and other economic crimes related illegalities. Mr Mwamba should be patient. He ain’t seen nothing yet!!

All in all, Mr Emmanuel Mwamba’s lying articles, being peddled as checks and balances for a “Rebranding party”, smacks of treachery from the ” More money in your pockets” political party!!

But we know who Emmanuel Mwamba. His anger is not for anything else but lost income and earnings. He can not survive long enough without a steady flow of illicit finance. He is like a fish out of water. By the way each and every article he writes is fully sponsored by people we know. That is how he is surviving for now.

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