Emmauel Mwamba to spend weekend in jail

Emmanuel Mwamba, the civil servant Zambia government authorities are accusing of contempt of court will spent this weekend in Jail. His case was adjopurned to Monday but he was remanded in custody.

Mwamba is accused of authoring documents which they say were contemptous and claim appeared on the Zambian Watchdog, this news webiste.

On Friday, Post newspaper Managing Editor Amos Malupenga gave the court his mobile phone and a letter he wrote to Mwamba where the two said articles were attached.

He also gave the court a copy of a CD containing waht he said was the conversation between him and Mwamba as well as its transcript and printouts from his (Malupenga) email box showing the anonymous article he received from Mwamba’s mailbox.

But Malupenga said he could not recall Mwamba’s email address off hand.

Press Association of Zambia (PAZA) vice president Amos Chanda is likely to take the witness stand next week.

And during the same hearing, Judge Gregory Phiri warned the media to be careful when reporting on court proceedings in order not to mislead the public.

Judge Phiri said the role of the media is to report facts and not make conclusions that are in conflict with the court.

Judge Phiri said this after Mwamba’s lawyer John Sangwa made an observation in relation to the story that appeared in Friday’s edition of the Post Newspaper headlined ‘Chiluba’s aide ‘confessed he wrote the articles’.

Mr. Sangwa said such a headline was prejudicial to the court proceedings adding that reading through the article, the accused is already guilty in the eyes of a common man.

He said people appearing before the court should have full confidence in the institution and that his client is facing serious charges and needs the protection of the court.

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