Emon Sassassalito‘s Fraud 24 exposed

Emon Sassassalito‘s Fraud 24 exposed


The Patriotic Front engaged a renowned crock Emon Sassassali to raise Money for their campaign for the 2016 elections. He set up a company called Sun 99 in which he advertised Hardware and Building Materials. The Company Collected Money from Members of the Public without supplying any materials to the customers and after the 2016 elections the company disappeared.

Sassassali has been contracted again to raise funds for the 2021 elections for the youths. This time a company called Extra 24 was set up. The Company is fully registered with Pacra and operates in Villa Elizabetha on Plot No. 141, Washama Road. Extra 24 have been running advert on both Zambia Daily Mail, Times of Zambia for free and on facebook https://www.facebook.com/extralimted/ for over a year purporting to be supplying hardware and building materials. They collect money from people purporting to supply building and hardware material. The Police have full knowledge of these criminal activities but can’t do anything for fear of losing their jobs. Sssassali reports to the party Secretary General and the money raised is for use by the PF youths hence forming the Zambia Youth Initiative which works with Extra 24. He even brags that he has the full support of the Head of State where he reports.

From the proceeds of crime Mr. Sasssassali has bought himself an expensive Range Rover registration number BBC 8575. His protégé who leads the PF youth wing by the name of “Godfrey Chulu” was bought a Toyota Allion. The rest of the funds are channeled to PF cadres who have disguised themselves as Zambian Youth Initiative Project and claim to be able to do anything from roofing to bricklaying for the people who buy materials from Extra 24.

Young girls are employed to man the shop and collect money from unsuspecting Members of the public and these desperate girls are changed every week to confuse customers. Mr. Emon Sassassali and other PF cadres waits from an unknown location where they receive call from unsuspecting customers who can’t locate the shop or want to make business by phone. He even escorts some who get lost to the shop to pay for non-existing good. Mr. Sassassali gives different names to different customers such as Amon Banda, Amon Ngala, Amon Sassassali and Patrick Nkhowani. The Chief cadre who claims that he is the one who supervise the construction goes by the name of ‘Godfrey Chulu’ and he uses phone number 0977519026. Godfrey claims to be a civil engineer and a graduate of the University of Zambia. He leads the PF youths who are affiliated to the company and does the construction part of which is just a smokescreen.

In the initial stage the PF and Extra 24 limited got an agent from CAMCO to sale hardware materials and had promised the Chinese Businessman of Government Contracts. They got material and sold to people but never paid CAMCO for the material. CAMCO terminated the contract and to date Extra 24 Limited has not paid CAMCO for Material supplied to them. A check on CAMCO Managing Director a Mr. Tie Lie on 0977886128 he says they terminated the dealership after Extra 24 Limited started engaging themselves in criminal activities. Meanwhile the PF using Extra 24 Limited has continued collecting Money from the unsuspecting customs who have been responding to the adverts which have been flushed out on Government Media and were also distributed to people on the streets.

People from all over Zambia got in big numbers to pay for the materials which are deliberately priced lowly so as to attract customers but are never delivered. They are promised free transport for delivery of whatever materials bought worth more than K25, 000. Of the greatest thing lowly priced are Iron sheets but hiked when one wants to buy. Once one pays for Iron Sheets, they would tell him/her that they have to manufacture them from their factory which is located at Plot No. 687 A, Mumbwa Road, near Garden house Motel, Lusaka West which does not even exist. Imagine one paying for roofing sheet to cover the whole roof of the house and to lose the whole payment. When customers try to report the matter to Emmasdale Police Station or Lusaka Central Police which are nearest to where Extra 24 operates from, the police encourages customers to get some of the materials purchased and will tell them to wait for the big items to be delivered per company rules. Customers would collect items like nails and other small items. When further follow ups are made, the Police turns on the unsuspecting customers and tell them that they can’t arrest the culprit for failure to supply goods as it now becomes a civil case and not a criminal case. The Police in turn deliberately advise the customers to seek legal redress by suing Extra 24 Limited in court. The collaborating Police officers even get an allowance from Extra 24 Limited and have been queuing on Friday evening fueling their cars at Impala Service Station.

It is even laughable that Mr. Emon Ssassassali in a report which was carried by Mwebantu Media and other social media outlets has gone to claim that he has problems because of COVID 19 which have affected where he sourced material. He even has gone to claim that some of his customers owe him more than K900 000 without elaborating how exactly they owe him such amount of money. This is after Competition and Consumer Protection (CCP) have requested that he reports to their offices not later than 15th July 2020, which he did not. The PF are just using the inept CCP just like the Police which can’t do anything. Meanwhile Extra 24 and PF continues their criminal activities unabated.

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