Chambeshi NFCA mine empolys Chinese ‘prisoners’

Chinese nationals strolling near their cpmpound in Chambeshi

Hundreds of Chinese convicts who were transferred to Zambia are currently employed by Chambeshi NFCA mines and the move has angered several local residents charging that the Chinese have taken up jobs that should have gone to them.
Information gathered by the Zambian Watchdog reveals that there are many other Chinese firms employing convicts, some of whom have been committing offences like the shooting of a teenager and several adultery cases with spouses of Zambian workers.
The Chinese ‘prisoners’ are usually driven in unregistered buses from their homes called Chinese compounds located in Chambeshi and Garnetone in Kitwe.
To facilitate their coming into the country, the Chinese bribed senior figures in the ministry of labour and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Under the arrangement, the mine owners benefit from cheap labour while part of the wages are paid to the Chinese government.
One Chinese national of Bolo mine is appearing in the Kitwe Magistrate court for causing grievous wounds when he shot a 16 year old boy while three others (Chinese) of Chambeshi mine were attacked for promiscuity with the Zambian employees’ wives.

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