Emulate SDA, Munkowmbwe tells other churches

Souuthern Province Minister, Daniel Munkombwe has implored the churches in the country not to relent in spreading the gospel if the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation is to be  meaningful.

In a speech read on his behalf by Southern Province Permanent Secretary, Darius Hakayobe during the dedication of Namwala East Seventh-Day Adventist Church yesterday, Mr. Munkombwe said the church should be a place of refuge during trying moments.

He urged the churches in the country to avoid politics and instead concetrate on preaching the word of God and let people grow spiritually.

He praised the SDA church for been exemplary in avoiding engaging in politics and called upon the other churches in the country to emulate the SDA church.

“There is a lot of moral decay in the country and it is the work of churches to bring people to Christ so that there could be moral uprightness in our nation,” Mr Munkombwe said.

“I am urging all churches in the country to maintain a sense of spiritual life that could not be doubted   so that more and more people could change their bad ways and accept Jesus Christ as their saviour.”

At the same occasion government donated K2 Million toward the church.

Mr. Munkombwe also challenged business houses, farmers, and Non-governmental Organizations to assit the SDA church to complete its other projects.

The Church was built in 1997 at the cost of K60 Million donated by its members.

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