Enact the constitution now that Kabimba is out- Grand Coalition challenges Lungu

The Grand Coalition on the Campaign for a New People Driven Constitution has urged newly appointed Justice Minister Edgar Lungu to aim at doing what his predecessor Wynter Kabimba failed to do in relation to the current constitution making process.

Coalition Spokesperson Macdonald Chipenzi says his organization expects Mr. Lungu, who also Defence Minister and Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General to start by releasing the final draft constitution.

Mr. Chipenzi says by releasing the final draft constitution, Mr Lungu will be meeting the expectation of the people of Zambia.

He adds that Mr. Lungu should set the target of enacting the country’s new supreme law before 2016.

Mr Chipenzi has further told Qfm News that the Grand Coalition does not expect the new Justice Minister to take a confrontation approach towards the civil society on the enactment of the new constitution.

He states that by urging government to enact the new constitution before 2016, the civil society or other stakeholders are not pushing government.

Mr Chipenzi says it is wrong to suggest that government is being pushed on the constitution when in fact it is actually government pushing itself as it is failing to listen to the people’s demands besides failing to keep its promise of enacting a new constitution within 90 days.

Mr. Chipenzi notes that both Mr. Lungu and Attorney General Musa Mwenye are of sober character and level headed, and that the Grand Coalition trusts that the country’s new supreme law is now on the horizon.


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