End of judges Musonda, Kajimanga & Mutuna

As expected, I am not surprised at the Judgment that Judge Chibesakunda read out yesterday. You could tell just from her demeanour in court that she was thoroughly ashamed at what her, Judge Florence Mumba, Gregory Phiri and Judge Wanki had done to the Judiciary and her fellow work mates. At no point did she even bother to look straight at the Lawyers representing the three judges in utter shame during the four hours she spent reading that Judgment.
At the end of the day, tyranny seems to have prevailed as Fred Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito together with their puppet Sata have gotten their way. Make no mistake, yesterday’s ruling ended the careers of Judge Mutuna, Judge Kajimanga and Judge Phillip Musonda. The people tasked to deal with them together with Chikopa who come no better than Retired Judges T.k Ndhlovu and Judge Mwanza are close associates of the Mutembo and Nchima Nchitos of this world. Ask lawyers in the legal fraternity how difficult it was to win straight forward cases against the above characters whenever the two judges handled such cases. Next to impossible was the case. On merit??? Absolutely not!!!
Today even lawyers can attest to how useless and corrupt these characters where. Todate T.K Ndhlovu still has a mountain of cases in which he has never bothered to write Judgments and will go down as one of the most incompetent judges Zambia has ever had. Yet today Fred’s Puppet Sata sees it fit for him to handle such an enormous task of this nature; a Judge’s Tribunal. These Retired Judges where chosen for a reason and that reason was simply to get rid of our respected Judges at all costs whatsoever. As for Judge Retired Mwanza, his corruption is still whispered among lawyers even by the senior most of lawyers. Mark my words, the three Judges subject of this tribunal are gone, they might as well look for alternative employment now and all because a spineless, corrupt old woman in the name of an Acting Chief Justice could not withstand pressure from Sata.
Tribute has to be paid to Retired Chief Justice Enerst Sakala who instead took early leave because of pressure from Sata. Even that useless and corrupt small boy in the name of George Chella can not in all honesty on behalf of Sata deny how Sata called (phoned)then Chief Justice Sakala seven (7) times demanding that he prevails over the unshakable and God fearing woman in Judge F. Chisanga to deliver judgment in Fred M’membe and friend’s favour by allowing the tribunal to go ahead to remove their perceived enemies from the judiciary. Despite his past weaknesses, he humbly told the head of state that he could not do such a thing period. This clearly shows you how the current Judiciary is under this woman who can’t stand the heat from the executive.This country is gone!! Criminals are surely fully in control and one wonders where the opposition is.
One can only feel sorry for the three Judges are they await their slaughter by Judge Chikopa and Retired Judges handpicked by Mutembo and his friends. The unfortunate part is that their “true crimes” are but a combination of hate and vengeance.
Supreme Court Judge Musonda
Started his career as a “nobody”,educated himself from an LLB, LLM and now Doctorate via sheer perseverance and strong will. His only “crime” was to privately express his opinion that he thought Zambians had made a mistake in electing Sata. Unfortunately for him, he said it in the presence of the wrong people all together.
High Court Judge Kajimanga
Upstanding and very fair Judge. His only misfortune was to have to be allocated the case of Rupiah Banda v The Post in which he ruled against Fred M’membe and was going to send M’membe to jail  for disobeying a valid court order to stop defaming Rupiah Banda at the time. Sworn enemy of Fred M’membe and his friends to date.
High Court Judge Nigel Mutuna
Good judge in the Commercial list of the High Court and experienced commercial law lawyer before joining the bench as Judge. Ruled against Fred M’membe, Mutembo Nchito in the DBZ case where to date not a single ngwee of the ZMK 18 Billion has been paid.

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