“End of war in Angola benefiting Zambia too”

The Angolan ambassador to Zambia, Pedro Morais Neto, said Wednesday in Luanda, that the political and military change that the country faced with the attainment of peace, allowed a significant increase for the strengthening of the cooperation relations between the two neighbouring countries.

The diplomat, who was speaking to Angop, during the IV Broad Consultative Council of the Foreign Affairs Ministry (Mirex), affirmed that many factors, including the war, that devastated the country for a long time, hindered the development of cooperation between both countries in every sector.

However, he added that after several years of a halt due to the instability in the country, Angola and Zambia have signed various tools for cooperation in the fields of transports, agriculture and telecommunications.

Among the main dossiers are the resumption of the Benguela Railway (CFB), that will enable the increase of trading, the flow of people and goods, which is an added value in the strengthening of the economic cooperation.

Thus, he revealed that there are initiatives by Angolan businesspeople, that have been developing commercial activities along the borders, namely in the provinces of Kuando Kubando and Moxico, with the perspectives to expand them to the southern part of the
country, particularly Cunene and Huíla, as well as in the Zambian provinces.

The agreement on scientific, technical and economic cooperation, that took place on 19 October 1979, was the cornerstone for the institutional relations between the two member States of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) followed by other accords.

The IV Broad Consultative Council of the Foreign Affairs Ministry (Mirex), running since Monday, at Belas Conference Centre in Luanda, is scheduled to end today.

The event also aims at modernising Mirex, in order to make it more effective in the point of view of the administrative procedures and organisation, as well as to turn it into a most productive machine in the coordination and execution of the country’s foreign policy.

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