Energy minister in oil tender scandal

Energy minister in oil tender scandal


Tender no MOE PSU/0B/G/03/B/2021

Minister of Energy Peter Kapala has been accused of participating in an energy tender to bring in 531,000 million diesel and 267,000 million of petrol.

Mr. Kapala is accused of using Harvest Group which is owned by a well-wisher to the UPND.

A 34 years businessman, Jonathan Kondowe popularity known as Mr kays the owner of PG Farms in Mutanda Kalumbila district is the major shareholder in Harvest Group of Companies.

KONDOWE is than man who bought president Hakainde Hichilema’s jacket at K2.5 million.

The Company also rents the Mount Meru’s offices.

Kapala is using his position to make sure that the contract is given to Harvest Group whether it is the best bidder or not.

JONATHAN KONDOWE is the man who paid K2.5 million for the red coat HH used to wear during his 127-day incarceration on treason charges.

ZWD: president Hichilema means well for this country. But we fear the sharks around him will make his work very difficult. We supported HH in opposition, we shall support him now against these thieves. We don’t support him for our benefit but the country.

We are not saying that KONDOWE or anyone with links to UPND should not bid for such. But we are against corruption in the process.

See the list of bidders 👇

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