Energy PS Zulu caught discussing oil deals with Asians

Energy Permanent Secretary George Zulu was today caught red handed discussing oil deals at the Pamodzi hotel in Lusaka.

Mr Zulu who arrived at the hotel at exactly 13: 06 hours in a white Nissan hard body was accompanied by a man who was later identified as a Mr Chanda the human resource director at the ministry of energy.
Mr Zulu walked into the lobby and went straight to meet a Mr. Rao of Asian origin who was accompanied by four others one of them also of Asian origin.
Rao: good afternoon PS
Zulu:  good afternoon sir
Zulu: let’s go straight to the issue
Rao: Yes it’s about us supplying fuel to Zambia. We think we can supply you good fuel from Angola
Zulu:  first of all are you the Rao who was running the emerald mine in Kitwe
Rao:  No. I’m not the one. That one was from Kenya. He was a very lucky person.
Zulu:  Yes that was Baldwin Nkumbula’s mine after his death his brother Biggie failed to run it
Zulu: Ok let’s continue with our topic we can work together over this but we need enough time
Zulu: This is Mr Chanda our director of human resource
Rao: I will give you my card so that you can give me a job
Chanda: I will fire you just now
Rao: anyway let’s continue over lunch
After this the whole group went into the restaurant for lunch at exactly 13: 29 hours.Angla

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