Engineering Institute president quits

Engineering  Institute president quits


Engineering Institute of Zambia(EIZ) President, Sydney Matamwandi has resigned.

This follows a public row he had with renowned economist Herry Moono.

This is after Moono demanded answers from Engineers over the failure of a column at the ZNBS Business Park.

The debate degenerated to insults when Matamwandi responded to the criticism.

Below is Matamwandi’s notice of his resignation.

End of Duty in 59th EIZ Council

Dear Councillor,

The developments of the past few days have, in my opinion, affected the team spirit, the unity and effectiveness of Council to execute its mandate. It’s important that calm, team spirit and constitutionality is restored and upheld in line with the wishes and aspirations of all Councillors and the membership of EIZ at large.

I wish to invite you and the other Councillors to participate in the work to return our team to effectively execute its mandate. From my side, I will do my best to work towards normalization of our Institution. It might not be easier to do that if Councillors are not united. To contribute towards the unity, togetherness and dialogue that is essential to be effective, I will step aside from all Council activities, effective 23 October 2019.

I will use my presence in the Council Meeting of Wednesday, 23 October 2019, to discuss the modus operandi for smooth handover and transitioning. As we meet all Councillors on Wednesday, 23 October 2019, it will be imperative that we to lead and assure all stakeholders and guide through a constitutional transition, in line with our statutes. I have confidence in the capacity and wisdom of Councillors to run the Institution in the remaining few months to election of a new Council.

The statutes provide for the hierarchy of leadership. I will support the person who will be Acting President and Council at large.

I thank you for your understanding.

*Sydney M Matamwandi*
_EIZ President | Chairman of 59th Council_

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