Engineers’ Institute distances itself from penis comments

Engineers’ Institute distances itself from penis comments

The Engineering Institute of Zambia (EIZ) has disowned its President, Sydney Matamwandi over remarks castigating economist, Herry Moono.

The institute states that the remarks do not represent the fraternity.

Matamwandi accused Moono of suffering from small-penis syndrome when he criticized engineers for the failure of column pillar at the newly opened Zambia National Building Society Business Park.

Below is the statement;

Engineering Council Statement on Social Media Reports Linking the EIZ with Personal interchanges by the EIZ President

Following the media reports yesterday in which the EIZ President has been quoted to have issued a statement in response to an attack on the institution from an individual of a named profession, the Engineering Council wishes to inform the engineering fraternity and indeed the public that the purported message is not the correct position of the EIZ or Council, on the matter.

While the EIZ acknowledges that our statutory mission involves promoting and protecting the engineering profession, our core values of *integrity* and *teamwork* postulate that we uphold high values to coexist with other professions in our quest to provide technological solutions for the development of our country.

This statement, therefore, serves to officially distance the Engineering Institution of Zambia from such social media statements which were being linked to our instituon.

Issued by the 59th Engineering Council for and on behalf of the EIZ.

See the work of Zambian engineers in this shot video on a new building in Lusaka town centre.



A battle of insults has broken out between economist Herry Moono and Engineering Institute of Zambia(EIZ) President, Sydney Matamwandi.

Moono wondered where the engineers in Zambia were if new buildings like the Zambia Building Society Business Park were failing, a year after official opening and after spending colossal money.

But Matamwandi has shot back accusing Moono of being a clown, jealousy and suffering from small-penis syndrome.

Below is Matamwandi’s response.

“Distinguished Economist Hjoe Moono,

Not every day is a circus day. You can be a clown once but not all the time. The comedy starts to become boring and the motive begins to be clear.

It’s quite evident that you have some inferiority complex and a sense of inadequacy that you are not an engineer. The opportunity to become one is not closed. Please enter any of the universities and study engineering. We will welcome you to become an Engineer and a full member of the Engineering Institution of Zambia.

During my high school days every pupil with a worthy IQ wanted to qualify to Unza and do Engineering. Very few were called and among those few, even fewer have become Engineers. It’s a small and elite group, admired and respected by many citizens. We appreciate that.

However, there are also many who dreamt to be Engineers but didn’t make it. Some are still jealous, others are envious, but there are also those that are bitter. We are sorry for them that they did not make it to the career of choice. We are however, not responsible for their failures. Their low IQ is the reason.

As way of finding remedy for the painful and understandable sense of unfulfilled ambition or inadequacy, they resort to insulting Engineers as a way of feeling compensated for their low IQ. In psychology and psychiatry this is often called “small penis syndrome”, an analogy to men with inadequate sizes that like to spend exaggeratedely long hours in the gym trying to compensate for the injured ego as a result of a failure to perform due to the inadequacies in the size of matrimonial tools

We understand the pain, but do forgive the idiots, their pain is too deep. Please continue to admire and insult Engineers if that is the only way your ego can be boosted. Engineers have no appetite nor time to be part of your drama and comedy. We don’t need your approval or validation to fulfil our professional mission: to bring water to our communities; to provide telecommunications; to build roads, hospitals and schools; to operate our mines; to build and operate airports, railways and bridges; to generate and supply power to homes and industries; to operate factories that manufacture our chemicals and process food …. Our plate is full and we are expending our energies where it matters most.

We have no time to waste on clownery from junk professionals who have nothing to do other than spend the whole day spreading idiocy and hatred against fellow Zambians.

Engineers are also Zambians. Have a life of your own or go hang yourself if you can’t stand to coexist with fellow Zambians.”

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