Enough of enough suffering in Zambia

By Mike Chileshe

In the 20 January 2015 Presidential By-elections I remember advising my elder brother to vote wisely. His response was: “Everyone advising people to vote wisely is against the PF” So I asked him: “Why do you say that?” and he said “Many people think the PF president Edgar Lungu is not wise because he openly said he has no vision and so they think voting for him would be unwise but voting for the opposition would rather be a wise move” So I said to him “well If voting wisely means not voting for PF then it’s the way to go” 5 months down the line the same brother I advised to vote wisely calls me and advises me to vote wisely in the 2016 General elections explaining his displeasure in the PF way of running government especially with the fact that he’s a civil servant.

The PF in their 2011 election campaigns strongly opposed the MMD government high taxes and promised Zambians Three things: 1-Lower taxes 2-More Jobs 3-More money in our pockets. But now 4 years along the way in power The PF government is offering Zambians the opposite of what they promised them. Because of the PF recklessness and lack of vision they have borrowed more than the country can pay back up to an extent of borrowing on behalf of other countries like Zimbabwe for the kariba maintenance and innovations, soliciting secret Loans and have even started imposing stupid taxes on innocent poor Zambians. Now landlords have to pay 10% taxes on rentals from tenants. If we scrutinise this move we’ll find that at the end of the day the one to suffer is the tenant because personally as a Landlord I will not want to have my monthly rental income reduced by 10% withholding tax and therefore I will instead increase rentals by that 10% or even 20% if I choose to become heartless like the PF. The same PF which made noise on Royalty Taxes under another useless MMD government just in their 2014/15 budget had pegged the royalty taxes at around 8% and 20% for Underground mines and Open Pit mines respectively and only after some mines threatened to close and reduce workforce did this useless PF government have to sit down,review their policy and change their minds. This is pure evidence of lack of vision because the PF government did not plan wisely and did not foresee the effects of such a foolish move. Has the PF fulfilled their promise of lower taxes? The answer is certainly a big NO!! Because this PF government is daily coming up with taxes that are draining Zambians of their income and leaving them poorer day by day. Are these the lower taxes we were promised?

Today the majority of Zambians, University and college graduates are busy loitering around with no Jobs. A son to a friend of mine who just graduated from Copperbelt University a couple of years ago called me asking me if I could help him find a Job. He complained bitterly and said in just one month he had offloaded over 42 applications and non of them was successful. I sat down grieved in my heart with a lot of pity thinking to myself if this boy had made 42 applications it means on average he was writing and submitting 1.4 applications a day. Zambia is now amongst the countries with high unemployment rates today. Is this the More Jobs the PF government promised us?

The cost of living getting higher and higher day by day. Just a few months ago the PF president Edgar Lungu with a lot of excitement of getting into office reduced fuel prices and just a few months along the way Fuel prices have been increased. This definitely will affect a lot of areas of business and will lead to an increase in prices of other commodities. In this PF era a family needs atleast K7,000 to sustain itself i.e K1,500 for house rentals and now that we have Rental taxes a family will need atleast K2000, a K2000 for food and other needs, K1000 for electricity and water bills a husband who leads a life like the PF president Edgar Lungu will need a K1000 pocket money for a pair of shoes and trousers,to hang around and have a bottle or two every weekend, a wife will need another K700 for her hair and personal needs, 2 children need a K200 for their school needs. At the end of the day whatever a family earns becomes hand to mouth especially where only the husband is working as a civil servant with the Wage freeze in force which Civil servants are being tormented by being told will be lifted by december and negotiations are in progress. Is this the more money in our pockets the PF government promised?

My late grandfather once told me the best way to torment a person is to promise them you will do something for them which they are in desperate need of at that time, give them a lot of hope and then dump them at the end. This is what the PF has done to the Zambians. They promised us a lot, gave us hope and dumped us at the end to torment us by increasing taxes, introducing stupid wage freeze, increasing cost of living and draining money from our pockets from their reckless unnecessary expenditures and borrowing. I want to believe my fellow Zambians out there will agree with me that Zambia with the high cost of living and high unemployment rates has become a living hell. We have had enough of the PF and please lets vote wisely come 2016 general elections. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! May I at this Point borrow the words of the obese neckless Information minister and government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili who said if Dora Siliya is accepted in the PF he would sell his soul to the devil. If we allow the PF to continue with their reckless governance then we’ll be as good as selling our souls to the devil because already our lovely Mother Zambia is a living hell under these heartless PF. Zambians ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

Mike Chileshe

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