Environment minister trying to grab mine

Environment minister trying to grab mine

A corruption scandal involving Water, Sanitation and Environment Minister Lloyd Kaziya has been unearthed. Meanwhile, Lusaka Businessman Brebner Changala has dragged the Zambian government to court because the same Minister has refused to grant his company Brebner School Chalk a License to mine Gypsum in Monze.

According to sources at the Ministry, Minister Kaziya who is also Matero Member of Parliament has been receiving tips from Cement manufacturing companies in Ndola and the soon to be opened cement company in Chongwe.

” He received K75000 from a Chinese company together with Lusaka Province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe. He has also been on some payroll for some companies in Ndola” the source said.

On the law suit by Brebner Changala, the source said Minister Kaziya has been scheming to grab the mine frim Changala.

“What has happened is that Lamasat wants to start manufacturing Ceiling Boards in Lusaka. The plant is already done but they will be needing alot of Gypsum. Brebner School Chalk has signed a lucrative deal with Lamasat to supply the raw material but when Kaziya heard about it, he wrote to the Ministry of Mines to try to grab the mine and start supplying the gypsum” the source from the Ministry said. The source said Kaziya then has been refusing to grant the final authority despite government agencies including the Zambia Environmental Management Agency giving a go ahead.

A search conducted at the Lusaka High Court confirms that Brebner School Chalk has sued the Minister through the Attorney General.

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